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But don't you try to fight it, 
And an idea who's time has come... 

Huey Lewis and the News

Having been in the construction field since 1983, and a licensed architect since 97, Tim has been around the block a few times.  In addition to the regular architectural project delivery, Tim has built and/or construction managed many of his projects over the years.  

New Leaf NZM ( Net Zero Modular) offers one-stop shopping for off-site built projects, whether it be a regular modular box approach or the panel approach. 

Typically, modular homes are purchased through a dealership.. New Leaf has bypassed that process and we invest the dealership markup straight into the house performance.  The 10-12% savings pays for the 5-7% cost that the building envelope upgrades cost.   This brings Net Zero Performance within range of  regular "code" built structures. 

My daughter has worked hard on this little website, and is still under construction, check back often as we add information!

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