Our Approaches..

We have two main approaches, some projects are a hybrid of the two...

We build your home in 14 foot wide or 16 foot wide boxes and deliver it and crane it into place.  It can arrive in three options depending on what you prefer, local code integration, see below for finish options. 

1) As a turnkey with 95% of the finishes installed

2) As a insulated boxes with windows and doors installed and all exterior finishes

3) As insulated and weather proof boxes-without final exterior and interior finishes.

We can build panels that we erect on your site.  These panels are insulated and have windows and doors in them, allowing us to have a weathertight structure in 3-5 days on your foundation.  Your finish people and electricians, plumbers finish the job, allowing you to general contract much easier.  Critical plumbing is installed in our factory. 

We have three levels of finish available. 

We have two main approaches, some projects are a hybrid of the two...

Our Features

No Foam 

Spray foam is a petroleum based product.  We avoid its use.   Foam insulation has a  them a massive carbon penalty.  Additionally, cans and drums of empty spray foam end up in the landfill for eternity and beyond.  Besides, foam traps moisture in your building. 

We Use Panels

Some parts of the building will not fit on the road, so we panalize the walls. 

Over-Hang Option

New England buildings need good overhangs to keep the summer sun out of the windows and off of the building. This _________________. Through several prototypes, we have developed a fast and efficient way to insert overhangs onto your modular home in the field!

No Concrete

We avoid the use of concrete, because of it's ____________. We have found that helical pile foundations and permanent wood foundations work ________. Our foundations are painstakingly engineered by our team to last _______.

Higher R Values
Our competitors use a 12" deepfloor system resulting in R30,which _________. To ________ we use a minimum 16" floor depth which reaches R40's!

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